Pimp my Rom (alpha) v3.3.1 APK Download

Pimp my Rom (alpha) v3.3.1 APK Download, Pimp my Rom is an app for rooted users that will allow you to choose between a plethora of tweaks, mods, hacks, apps and features to your current ROM.
This app has been proven to improve the performance of your device on many points.


Please report your issues here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1908269

This app is in alpha stage of development, therefore bugs are to be expected.
This app is ONLY for ROOTED devices !

Pimp my Rom can be used on ANY Android Device, running ANY Rom

Some of the features include :

>> Build.prop Tweaks <<

– Better jpg image quality
– Better camera recording quality
– Lock launcher in memory
– Battery savings
– Disable kernel error checking
– Dalvik VM tweaks
– Faster scrolling
– Better touch responsiveness
– Faster browsing and download speed
– Allow purgeable assets
– Reduce dialing time
– Misc 3G tweaks
– Deeper sleep
– Reduce black-screen time of the proximity sensor after a call
– Smoother video streaming
– Faster wifi connect/disconnect
– Overall smoothness improvements
– Increase the size of VM heap
>> Enable/Disable Android Features <<

– Enable hardware video acceleration
– Disable Android logger
– Enable Android logger
– Enable gpu UI rendering
– Enable HSUPA
– Enable JIT (Just In Time) Compiler for Dalvik vm
– Disable Normalized Sleeper
– Disable Gentle Fair Sleepers
– Disable New Fair Sleepers
– Enable surface dithering
– Disable Boot-Animation (doesn’t work on ics and +)
– Disable usage-data sending
– Disable volume buttons wake
– Disable adb notification icon
– Buttons backlight always enabled when screen on
– 16bit Transparency
>> Multitasking <<

– Choose between 4 levels of OOM (Out Of Memory) Groupings : Low/Mid/High/Very High
– Choose between 4 levels of Minfree Low Memory Killer settings : Low/Mid/High/Very High
– Choose between 2 levels of ZRAM Compression : 64mb/128mb
– Tweak your kernel to be adapted and stable on high multitasking conditions
– Tweak your Dalvik Virtual Machine to be adapted and stable on high multitasking conditions
>> Add Features & Mods <<

– Add support for OpenVPN connections
– Install Beats Audio binaries & dsp manager for a greater sound experience
– Install Adrenaline Boost Script
– Install Sony Walkman suite : Music Player & Visualizer, Clearbass soundfx and Image Gallery & Editor
– Install Bravia Engine
– Install xLoud
– Install Touchwiz Launcher
>> GPS Configuration <<

– Choose between 79 countries + 5 continents of gps.conf files
(Having the right gps.conf file for your country is esssential for the accuracy and lock-speed of your GPS)
>> Internet Security & Stability <<

Security :

– Protect yourself against SYN attacks and the DoS (Denial of Service) they cause by reinforcing your tcp/ip stacks
– Block redirects
– Block source-routing : source-routing allows one to fully trace the packets he sends, thus it can be used by blackhats to hack into your device

Stability and Speed :

-Increase queue and buffer size of all tcp sockets to make it more stable in high broadband consumption conditions
– Avoid TIME-WAIT state by re-using the Sockets in time-wait state. Reduces network memory-loading
– Various IPv4 speed improvements
– DNS tweaks for faster name resolution, thus faster connection to websites
– ppp0 interface speed tweaks

Learn more at : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1908269


What’s in this version:

Alpha v3.3.1 (24/12/2012)
Bugfixes update
¤ Added a Detect Current Values button in both the Telephony and Network tweaks sections to prevent the FC that happenned on some devices when loading either of these fragments (and by extension, crashed both their neighbour fragments)
¤ Fixed a wrong entry where the Telephony Tweaks would be shown instead of the Hidden Menu access
¤ Removed both Dialing-time tweak & Sensor tweak in the Misc section as those values can now be managed by the user


Pimp my Rom (alpha) v3.3.1 APK

    December 26, 2012
Current Version:
Requires Android:
    2.3 and up

More info:


Pimp my Rom (alpha) v3.3.1 APK (178)

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